The Lifestyle® 35 home entertainment system is available with black or
white Jewel Cube® speakers and a matching Acoustimass module.
Bose 251 environmental speakers are available in black or white and
include weather-resistant mounting brackets and hardware.
402 Gold System Components:
Two Bose 402 speakers, one 402C
controller, one 502®BP Acoustimass®
802 Silver System Components:
Two Bose 802 Series II speakers, one
802C-II controller.
The 402 Gold System has more bass
energy than any other small,
portable system.

With this system, a power MIDI duo or trio can sound like a whole
band, and DJs can rock the house -- yet it's compact enough to fit in
a taxi. Weighing only 15 pounds (6.8 kg) each, the system's 402
speakers still have the strength and durability to be used outdoors.

The Bose 502BP Acoustimass module delivers thunderous bass
because its 12" (30.5 cm) driver contains a 4" (10.2 cm) voice coil --
enormous for a driver of this size -- which enables it to handle a full
900 watts of power. Yet because the massive woofer operates only
below 150 Hz (and because Acoustimass speaker technology filters
out any higher frequency noise), the human ear can't distinguish what
direction the sound is coming from. So when performance space is
tight, you can put the 502BP module just about anywhere, and your
audience will still hear rich, clean bass coming from all around.

Eventually, if you need more output, you can continue using the
502BP module and add a pair of 802® speakers to your system.
The 802 Silver System is a great system
for small bands, DJs, and keyboard
players who require  high-quality
sound, substantial output, and extreme ease of transport.
The system's 802-II speakers provide increased power handling, along with
balanced frequency response, making this system a good choice for reinforcing
synthesized music that makes demands across the full audio spectrum. It's not
surprising this is our most popular professional speaker to date. Each of the
eight drivers in the 802 enclosure is individually capable of reinforcing the full
range of frequencies (55Hz-16kHz). Therefore there's no crossover taking
place in the voice-sensitive part of the audio spectrum -- so your vocals remain
Over time, if you have the need to increase your output to play larger events,
you can easily add a 502®BP Acoustimass® module and a second amp
(moving up to the 802 Gold System). The 802C-II controller will electronically
reroute the bass frequencies to the 502BP Acoustimass module.
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